More Than Just Encryption

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As a rule, all data is encrypted end-to-end before leaving your computer (only you are able to decrypt this data). The encryption is carried out with the open source (MIT) software StreamCryptor.

File names are encrypted additionally and anonymized to make it impossible to draw conclusions as to their content.


The encrypted and anonymized data is transmitted exclusively via a TLS 1.2 secure connection.


You can select the location to store data: Available locations - the data remains at this location at all times and never leaves.
The storage technology consists of several Tahoe-LAFS (open, secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant distributed file system) systems per location.
This system ensures high reliability and protects against data loss.

For more information, see bytejail details.

Company Location Germany

GERMAN LAW - A High Level of Security

German federal privacy legislation aims to protect the rights of the individual in the handling of his or her personal data. The Data Protection Act stipulates that all persons can decide for themselves which of their personal data should be available to whom. Data protection and associated privacy policies are designed to prevent "transparent people."

Conclusion: In comparison with other countries of the world, Germany currently offers a high level of data protection for bytejail customers due to corresponding legislation. Currently, we are examining other international locations to broaden the range of security.


Of course, we have no influence on future decisions or legislation of the German Federal Government. However, were a government decision to affect or diminish the security and protection of our customers, we would have to question Germany as a location for the company.