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Do you have sensitive confidential important data that you cannot should not do not want to store locally?

Encrypt, anonymize, and secure your data in jails!
Protect your data from theft, hackers, spies, and prying eyes!


How does bytejail protect me and my data?

End to-end encryption

NIST-free encryption.

Anonymized Data

Only you know exactly where your data is.

Freely Selectable Location

Decide yourself where to store your data: The locations.

No Logging

Your connection data are not collected or saved.

Information Protection

No knowledge = No information.

No National Security Letter

bytejail is subject to current German law.

No Data Sharing

This is your data - and you retain control.

Privacy by Design

Privacy is our standard setting and will remain so in the future.


Important questions and instructions on how to use bytejail are listed in the FAQ area.

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