Do not compare apples with oranges!

It is of course gratifying that you are passionate about our product bytejail. It is also generally pleasing if you can correctly classify our product, meaning you do not compare say apples with oranges.

bytejail focuses more on high security and less on user friendliness. For this reason we deliberately leave out such things as: Sharing data with third parties, working in teams, and the support of mobile devices - because one thing is certain - the greatest security risk are people themselves!

Conclusion: Little user - little risk.

bytejail is also certainly not a "bargain," in terms of cost for disk space.

bytejail is to protect your "important" data - not your "unimportant" data!

For this reason, our type and method of storage, transfer, anonymization is much more complex and therefore simply more costly than standard solutions.

Conclusion: bytejail is not an application for simple tasks.